You over extend your hamstring while running. You twist your ankle on the pitch. You get a bang or a knock and its swollen! Acute inflammation is easy to recognise but often goes untreated. The longer the area is inflamed, the bigger the potential of a recurring injury and ongoing problems! FreezeAid reduces inflammation the second it is applied and guarantees you’ll be back to your best quicker than ever!

FreezeAid™ innovation is based on extracting heat from the affected area rather than pushing cold into the trauma through the placement of ice packs etc. This results in a uniform medical method of cooling from the inside out.

  • Rest means not moving the body part in a painful way. Movement is good, and can increase healing, but it should be pain free at this stage. Once the area is wrapped up leave it rest!
  • Ice Apply FreezeAid A.S.A.P! The quicker you can extract heat out of the injury the more effective it is. Do not use heat for the first 72 hours; heat will increase the swelling.
  • Compression With our extremely high-quality bandage, it will supply enough compression when wrapped around the affected area. See instructions tab for instructions.
  • Elevation, or resting with the injury above heart level, to encourage swelling to return towards the body, instead of collecting in the extremities where it is difficult to get rid of.

Ice – Disadvantages:

  • Ice can lead to burns on the skin
  • Ice requires a secondary bandage to keep in place
  • Ice packs are not uniform in shape or size
  • Ice requires refrigeration
  • Ice is less portable
  • Ice can mask the injury through numbness
  • Icing can only be performed in recurring bouts, involving a rest period between bouts, therefore losing precious recovery time

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